Luxury Websites Are Transforming The World Of E Commerce!

In the past luxury brands and businesses have been highlighted by their well-known persona and demand for their product. Yet in today’s market, it’s not just about demand for a brand but a demand for an experience.

This is a game changer for the world of e-commerce. Up until this point small businesses and retailers have struggled to be heard in a market dominated by well known brand names.

Luxury websites are now leveling the market playing field. Small businesses finally have a chance to get their brand name heard in the form of an enticing, transformative and elegant website.

Deliver an Experience

Forty five percent of luxury sales are now being influenced directly by digital experience. When a consumer is curious about a potential large purchase or investment in our modern world, brands tend to turn to the world wide web for answers to their questions or further research.

For example, before they decide to invest in that new car they have been saving up for, they might check out the potential seller(s) business website first.

They want to see detailed images, views, prices and available custom options. They want to see these things quickly, accurately and they need to be enticed.

It’s no longer just about the brand of the car, but the marketing perceived through consumer research that will influence the final purchasing decision. This same concept goes for nearly all luxury industries.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

  • In 2017 alone U.S. businesses budgeted on average 58% of their marketing funds into their company websites.
  • 90% of online consumers looking to make a purchase, haven’t made up their mind about a brand before starting their online search.
  • 84% of consumers will abandon their purchase if they have to deal with a poor user experience or unsecure web page.
  • Mobile websites that load in 5 seconds or less will end in a viewing session that’s 70% longer than their slower counterparts.
  • 83% of people purchasing through a phone or tablet will base their purchase decision on a seamless website experience.

Creating the Perfect Environment

There are many statistics to further show the importance of digital marketing in our very consumer driven world and our goal is to help you beat them. Let’s create a luxurious and seamless website for your business!

Your success in your industry is based on creating the perfect environment online that showcases:

  • User Experience
  • Performance
  • Speed
  • Design
  • Artistry
  • Brand Recognition

Assessing your Goals and Vision

We can put together a luxury website design plan that suits your vision for your brand. Our goal is to take your brand to the next level and have consumers mentioning your name for years to come, and we can do it all with a website.

The statistics show that a good majority of U.S. Businesses are allocating a good deal of their funds on their digital image, why wouldn’t you?

Don’t let your business lose sales to competitors with a more luxurious and seamless experience than you, beat out your competition today, with the help of Best Web Design NJ.