Your Web Design Is Everything!

Were you wondering the elements of a successful web design strategy? Here we will discuss everything you need to know to have a top notch business website!

Your web design is everything! NJ web design company Best Web Design NJ fully agrees. Whether you’re building an affordable website or a corporate website, it doesn’t really matter. You need to plan ahead.

Online presence

The online presence of all small business websites is so poor that the only prospects who ever make it to your internet site were probably already aware of your company and were searching particularly for you personally. Your online presence is comprised of your branding, SEO (where your website ranks among competitors, and your online reputation. Maybe they typed in the url off of your business cards, or clicked your link in your email signature.

This is good, but what about the mass of people who are searching for your products or services, who don’t yet know that you exist? Will your site show up in their Google queries, Facebook combing, LinkedIn requesting, or forum posting?

Just how many times have you heard a business owner gripe over having less “results” they have noticed from their internet site? The issue is that results come from actually doing something on a continuing basis, in a skilled way.

digital marketing
SEO (or seo)
social media marketing
content development
Google Adwords
Regular blogging
email marketing

These all need to work collectively from a large picture plan, down to the nitty-gritty, in order to have a truly findable website. Only then can you start to get down to the true nuts-and-bolts of what does work or doesn’t function on the website. Moral of the story: don’t bash a niche site until you’re performing all the right things to get people to the website. If you’re traffic generation, but still no conversions, you then know you’ve really got an on-site issue.

Business Branding

In this second section of my article, we will go over business branding, just how many small business websites fail to execute it effectively, and what impact that has on the business enterprise. Firstly, what’s branding?

Branding is an umbrella term for the overall perception of your business. For our purposes, accurate branding may be the sum out of all the intentional initiatives that you make to portray a specific attitude, emotion, philosophy, or worth about your business.

This includes your logo, your brochures, the typefaces and colours that you use, how you answer the telephone, and of program, your site. Basically, your brand, and your website, is accountable to give the right vibes.

How can you want your firm to seem? Corporate? Friendly? Authoritative? Community beauty shop, or superstar stylist? We’ll come for you, or you come to us? You must have a clear and detailed answer to this question – an answer that is tied to your business goals. After that all of your website’s visuals, interactions, copywriting, structure and features must follow suit.

You might think that the most typical problem with small company web design that fails to brand effectively is that they pick the wrong voice – that the web site presents the wrong answer to the “Who are you?” question – a friendly, neighborhood family accountant coming off as an impersonal tax cruncher, for example.

While that is usually the case, just normally the website looks nearly totally unbranded. The tiny business website design is all too often an afterthought executed among the operational hubub of actually running the business enterprise.

It gets tossed up onto the net with no inkling of the real personality of the business, but rather looks templated, unprofessional, non-descript, and worst of all, forgettable.

Or in a friendly tone, “Good Morning, XYZ Family Finance Consultants, how can we help make sure your family’s financial comfort?” Which do you consider your callers will keep in mind? The Branding segment’s answer to the question, “How come small business web site design get a bad name?” is this: Upon hearing your dull receptionist answer the phone forgettably, you should demand that he do better to represent your brand, or hire a person who will.

Just the same, while functioning with your online marketing firm in developing your site, you should ensure that you ask the proper questions. Once they are answered completely, ensure that, based on those answers, your site is a very clear and compelling representation of your brand’s character and purpose.

Your Website Content

A big problem for small company websites is not having content that’s well-written and structured. Once somebody has found your site, you want to be able to grab their interest and tell them how they will benefit from using your services in a way that will keep their interest.

There are a few very important factors to the content on your website:

Content Strategy

In most cases, when a company wants a website constructed, the last thing they tend to think about is how relevant and interesting the content is to the visitors of their site. They fill the website with an overabundance of “fluff” that only serves the purpose of filling up the pages. This sort of content contains vague and confusing statements which often don’t give the potential client a primary answer as to how they’ll help them.

This is indeed one of the failings in small company web design. This is actually the planning stage. You have to think about how relevant the content would be to your market and write about what you know they would value most. Reach the heart of what you’re offering, but if you need to make it happen through the side-door, perform it. Find the middle ground between your readers’ interests and your core offerings and worth.

If you have a clear Content Strategy, you have a plan for development which is more than essential in small company web design. Your blog articles will all follow another theme, your new pages will be on-point, even your email blasts could have a compass to your reader’s clicks. Content Vocabulary When someone appointments your site, they currently have a specific goal in mind.

When you’ve figured this away in your Content Strategy, you need to then provide information that’s straightforward, concise and if appropriate, entertaining. Content is not like print content. People do not want to learn brochure fluff. They be prepared to be spoken to straight in a conversational tone. They expect action-oriented copy that stays on point and serves them, not really your business.

Further, when writing content you need to quite literally choose your words and phrases. Having a solid search engine strategy set up will allow you to pepper every piece of content with keywords that search engines will gobble up and serve to searchers on a silver platter (normally referred to as the first page of Google).

Content Structure

Structure your content so that the road to what your potential customer is looking for could possibly be easily found and applied. This includes both internal structure of every content piece and also the framework of your site’s navigation.

Time is of the essence, many people just move on if indeed they can’t discover what they what and need right away. Have a clear path to relevant content based on what the consumer is currently viewing and how they got to you. Make use of bullet points, callouts, headlines, and get to the point quickly.

Don’t try to build-up suspense in the 1st paragraph and hit them with a bang in the fourth, which happens quite a bit in little business web design. Hit them with relevant content in the 1st sentence.

Content material should include the next characteristics:

Easy to read
Use of bullet points, lists and subheadings
Organized and well structured
SEO optimized

By having a well-written internet site with a well-planned content strategy, you could potentially boost the amount of business you are taking in. This will be due to your site being much more organized, interesting, noticeable and aimed toward the customer’s needs.


Absorb the web site online presence, internet site branding, and website content of your small business web design and you will have got a formula that even the flashiest websites that ignore these can’t defeat. Prospects will see you, prospects will understand you, and leads will respect you.